Why I Still Won’t Support Urban Decay…

Posted on: July 7th, 2012 by veggiebeauty 10 Comments

My official statement, and what I think about supporting Urban Decay; this is an opinion and you have the right to not agree with what I’m saying:

As many of you may have heard, Urban Decay made the wise decision to forgo selling and therefore testing their items to be sold in the Chinese market. I was so relieved to hear this, but not because I plan on supporting and/or buying items from Urban Decay. I feel relieved for the thousands of animals that will be saved because of this decision. I commend them for doing this, but I am not going to forget what easily could have gone in another, inhumane direction.

Now, I leave it to all of you to decide for yourself what companies you want to support. I use my website as a tool to share info and to help people come to their own conclusions about companies. As far as my own personal views on a company, it is also my right not to buy from and/or support companies that I don’t trust 100%.

Here is why I don’t plan on purchasing from or supporting Urban Decay you may disagree and that’s your right.

1. A company that can so easily flip-flop on one of their core company values from one week to the next is not a company I care to trust or support.

2. I am trying to support more independent brands/smaller companies that have good customer service and are honest and straight-forward in their public statements, emails, and the way they run their businesses. Urban Decay has proven that they have poor customer service by having poorly prepped PR representatives and allowing them to talk down to their customers and not answer the tough questions they posed to them after the initial issue was addressed.

3. Its harder to monitor larger corporations, and if they’ve had shady behavior in the past, what’s to stop them from doing something similar in the future? The only information we have is what a company chooses to tell us…I feel that if a company breaks trust, I have a hard time taking their word, especially on something as hugely important to me as animal rights.

4. This company has proven that money is a deciding factor on whether or not they will participate in animal testing. Their core customer base are vegans/cruelty-free shoppers and they so easily threw aside our trust to make extra money. I understand that this is a capitalist economy and money is important, but if you let money be your main determinant in deciding important details about your company and decisions that degrade the core morals your company was founded on, what is the point? Integrity should be as important as the profits you earn.

5. I’m still waiting for an apology for their initial, thoughtless statement they released regarding their intentions to “change the laws” etc….while still allowing items to be tested on animals. You don’t make changes by giving in, you make changes by sticking up for your beliefs and not selling out innocent creatures for your profit margin.

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  1. Gale says:

    I so agree with you 100%. I think they have received a lot of negative feedback and threats from their loyal clients and also since they are not vegan friendly anymore to top the negative feedback, it has damaged their sales incredibly so they just decided to drop China since their main source of clients are US and UK.

    • Louis says:

      I agree also 100%, well put as to what I have been saying.

      Hopefully leaping bunny will keep a close watch on them, but who knows. I especially feel reason number 4.

  2. Katrin says:

    Thank you for your statement! I agree 100%. I was really surprised that a lot of people said that they are so happy and will start to buy Urban Decay again. I just can’t trust that company anymore and I won’t buy their products. We will see what they will do next. And didn’t they already start selling their products in China? Or am I wrong?

  3. Amber says:

    Kristy, I have never once tried any of their products because I believed them to be over-priced and over-hyped. I know that it was nice to have a neat option and I’m sure their stuff was of good quality, but…I totally agree. Sure they decided to do the right thing, but they also considered doing the wrong thing and that’s enough to distrust a brand. In the simplest terms…Urban Decay done goofed hahaha

  4. Carla N. says:

    They abruptly decided that oh, yeah, it would violate their “principles.”
    I’m glad that they made the right decision, ultimately, but disturbed that it seems to have taken the outcry of thousands of indignant people, threatening boycott, to remind them of their “principles. I don’t know if I’ll go back. If I do business with them at all, ever, it will be on a very reduced basis. I just don’t know if they’re to be trusted!

  5. Bunny says:

    OMG I was so excited that I would once again be able to purchase from UD that when I read your post, I completely changed my mind. You are absolutely right; I can’t believe I didn’t think like this sooner! Thanks!

  6. Violette says:

    Your reason #1 and #4 is something I am keeping in mind for the most part.

    I actually used to use a lot of UD when I was younger and into a more “Goth” stage/look, lol, but I discovered other makeup that is better.

    Not sure about the appeal of UD overall — their eyeshadows are probably the only interesting aspect, but even then, not so much. I actually thought a company named Vampire Cosmetics made much better makeup. Sad they never stayed in business.

    UD is overrated at best. I don’t even miss it at all.

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  8. Simone says:

    While I respect your opinion. After careful consideration, I have decided to remain supportive towards UD. As we found out, UD values money over the lives of animals. I am worried that if their sales remain low (if we don’t go back to purchasing from them), they won’t have any motivation to remain cruelty free. They’d be better off financially, selling in China.

    It’s a tough decision, but thankfully I don’t buy UD very often… So it’s a decision ill seldom make. In the end, I’m just thankful that animals lives were spared. However, rewarding then for being money hungry liars is simply ludicrous!

    • veggiebeauty says:

      Since this post was written, they have been bought out by L’oteal, who are notorious for animal testing. They have proven that money matters more than animals and whatever money you give them will go back to support their parent company.

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