Vegan Foundations are Tough to Find!!!

Posted on: May 11th, 2011 by veggiebeauty 5 Comments

Finding vegan liquid foundation that is affordable and paraben-free is a daunting task. As a vegan beauty blogger, it is my goal to search till I find my holy grail vegan foundation to help myself and to help all of my readers.

Here are some products I’ve tried:

The Stila One-Step Makeup was okay, but its really yellow toned and I’m about as fair as they come so it really doesn’t work for me; it also has a very thick texture and you have to use your fingers to pat it in. I also don’t like Stila’s customer service. They were rude to me when I was inquiring about which of their products were vegan and which weren’t. They were very curt and simply responded “we cannot claim vegan.” How arrogant does that sound? Very unhelpful and they took ages to get back to me, and they didn’t want to help me in the first place. Also, just look through the ingredients on their foundations…full of preservatives and chemicals that aren’t good for the skin and our bodies.

While I do like the color and coverage of ALDI’s Lacura foundation in transparent, its more of a dewy finish and causes me to break out when I wear it, and again it has the same points against it as Stila does as far as chemicals and parabens. It is very cheap though, $3.49, but I can’t guarantee 100% that its vegan, although the ingredients appear that way. I’m starting to lean more towards products that are certified vegan, but those again are very expensive usually. I am, however, willing to spend more money on foundation that doesn’t break me out, is cruelty-free and vegan, provides natural coverage, and matches my skin tone. If my skin is non-irritated and less prone to break out, I won’t need as much foundation (that’s how I’m going to look at it).

The next product I’ve tried (and still enjoy) is the Kiss My Face Tinted Moisturizer in Manilla. It is light enough, no parabens, and its vegan. It does have a watery texture and doesn’t provide enough coverage for me (but it is supposed to be a lighter product). It is in no way moisturizing, its more of a light, matte foundation. I think this is a good mixing product if your foundation isn’t light enough or too thick. I currently use it as a base for mineral powder foundation, which seems to provide a decent coverage but can look a bit too overdone for everyday use.

I decided to purchase some Ecco Bella Flowercolor Natural Foundation in the shade Bisque (their lightest shade) on On their official website, the foundation is about $22.95, which, to be fair is cheaper than most high end foundations. But, sells it for about $15.31, which is a super deal. With shipping, it only costed about $20, which is very doable in most people’s budgets. If you are going to spend more $ in your makeup routine, put it towards foundation!

Bisque actually appears like it will be light/cool toned enough and reviews on seem to confirm this as well. The reviews were mixed on the quality of the foundation for the price, but I’m willing to give them they benefit of the doubt because this company, by far, have the most natural list of ingredients I’ve seen for a liquid foundation for the most affordable price. Its also a water-based foundation, which is my favorite formula, especially for the summer months. It provides UVA/UVB protection (SPF 15) which is crucial for good skincare. I will probably need to find a more potent sunscreen if I’m going to be outside for long periods of time though. I also like that its in a squeeze tube so you can get every last bit of product out, and its much more sanitary than a pour top bottle.

I will update all of you when I receive the product and have a chance to wear it for a couple of weeks (I like to give a skin product a good length of time to test because skin can take awhile to show irritation and breakouts from products.) I’m cautiously optimistic about this product, only because I’ve been disappointed so many times in the past. Let me know what kind of foundation the rest of you vegan makeup lovers wear!

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  1. Celia says:

    I use Gosh’s X-ceptional Wear, and I really like that one.

  2. Dragon says:

    I’m very keen on Gabriel Liquid foundation in Pale Ivory.

    I’ve used Kiss My Face and it was very good for the price. Gabriel Pale Ivory is a bit lighter and cooler, and has a very good SPF factor of 18 (which is great for me: I’ve got a sunlight allergy that keeps me very, very pale.) It’s also more finely milled. Kiss My Face tends to have little lumps. Though Gabriel is hard to find for under $30 with shipping. Ouch.

  3. Tabitha says:

    I’ve spent the past year trying to find a vegan foundation that works without making me break out or being too thin. So far 100% Pure’s “healthy skin foundation with super fruits SPF 20” has been my favorite. Granted, it’s quite matte and though that means it works well with my super-oily skin that probably also means it doesn’t work as well for everyone. A close second pick was FACE atelier’s “Ultra Foundation” which is more moisturizing but doesn’t contain SPF. Both foundations have the full coverage that I was looking for and apply easily, and I know that 100% Pure has no parabens, I but admit your post reminded me I still need to research FACE Atlier….

    • Tabitha says:

      I should probably add that the reason I like full coverage foundation is because I mix my foundation with my moisturizer which thins it out so if you like thinner foundations that may be worth trying.

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