Home Remedies to Relieve a Tooth Abscess

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Before I get into this blog post, must put up this disclaimer. ALWAYS go see your dentist if you have any tooth problems, as an abscess infection can spread to your facial bones and eat away at them. You can even die if the infection gets to your blood and makes its way to your heart. Its not a pretty picture. You need to get anti-biotics and possibly a root canal as soon as possible.

That said, I totally understand how painful and awful tooth abscess and aches can be. I don’t have health insurance right now, and can’t afford to get an $800 surgery that I need to get my root canal fixed. Gotta love the U.S. health care system. I went to the free clinic and they said I needed a specialist to get my tooth fixed, so there’s nothing they can do except extract my tooth. If the situation gets really bad, I may have to do this, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I can keep my tooth.

So the main thing I’m doing now is trying to prevent infection from occurring. This means I need to use great oral hygiene, but sometimes that’s not enough to stop an infection from coming back. I just got tooth pains again after drinking 2 cans of soda after abstaining for about a month…I will never drink soda again:( It rots your teeth, the acids combined with exorbitant amounts of sugars eat away at tooth enamel. No wonder our nation has so many cavities! Damn addictive refined sugars and caffeine!

I was lucky that I had a refill on my amoxicillian that my dentist prescribed from before. I’ve been taking that 3 times a day to help get rid of my infection internally. This does nothing to deal with the intense pain that comes with an abscess. Also, if you want speed the healing process, you need to help the abscess to drain. Here are some affordable home remedies that I recommend to help relieve the pain and speed the healing process.


  • Drink a cup of black tea. Use the tea bag and place it on the abscess for an hour. This will ease the swelling and help to draw out the infection from the tooth.
  • Cloves are a great pain reliever. I only had ground cloves on hand, so I made a mixture of olive oil and clove and applied it to the gum on the infected tooth.
  • Make sure to keep the area clean and bacteria free by rinsing your mouth with hydrogen peroxide.
  • Slice a thin amount of raw potato (make sure its clean) and place it on the abscess to draw out infection.
  • Apply some hydrogen peroxide on a cotton ball and place it on the infected area.
  • Eat a few cloves of raw garlic. Garlic is a great antibiotic, but only works if its raw.
  • Eat healthy…try a blueberry smoothie. Not only will it cool your inflammation, the antioxidants will help boost your immune system.
  • Drink lots of fluids, as always.

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